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- Services Faraday’s offers a complete solution for all earthing and Lightning Protection Requirements: - Installation of Earthing and Lightning Protection System. Faradays Provides Earthing and Lightning Protection Designs and installations as per the SANS Codes of Practice 10199 (2010) and 10313 (2012) in conjunction with SANS 62305-1-2-3-4: 2011. - Full Consultancy Services Including Certification. Faraday’s provides companies with Consultancy Services on all new and upcoming projects. We will leas with the design engineers and provide a full tender package for the complete earthing and lightning protection designs and requirements in order for you to go out for tender. Included in our consultancy Services is a complete test and certification of the earthing system installed (If done by others) - Faraday shields/rooms. Faraday’s provides an advanced wire-mesh based system that creates a static barrier against any type of electric or electro-magnetic force. These are highly effective for protecting important electrical equipment (Server rooms, sensitive medical equipment, screened rooms, etc.) - Step and Touch Potential Analysis. Faraday's provides detailed step and touch analysis and reports using state of the art software which provides all calculations in order to provide adequate designs and installations to insure 100% Protection. - Early Warning Detection Systems. Faraday’s provides lightning early warning systems for schools and outdoor events, complete with alarms and Monitoring system compatible with all PC’s and Laptops. Our range of products vary from a detection range of 50km - 480km away. - Soil Resistivity Analysis. Faraday’s Provides Soil resistivity Surveys and Analysis complete with a Soil Test Certificate and report for design purposes. - Test, Inspection and Certify of Existing Systems. Faraday’s provided Testing, Inspection and Certification of existing systems including a System report for insurance purpose
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