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You will be pleased to know that Enchanting Blu Pool Services does more then just pools! We believe in offering our customers a variety of things for in and around your Gardens, Pools and Homes, And to give you that little bit of extra comfort, All our work comes with a 6 month free on site repair warranty and all our parts come with a standard factory 1 and 2 year warranty.   Swimming Pool Cleaning Month to month  swimming pool cleaning services no contracts Black and Green algae elimination Pool vacuuming Stain removal Full Pool scrubbing Cleaning of Skimmer and Weir baskets Leaf skimming Swimming Pool Maintenance Checking and maintaining of pool equipment Servicing of pipes Pump priming Testing of water pressure PH and HTH level testing General around pool maintenance Water top ups Replacing of sand in filter Swimming Pool Repairs  Repairs to Pool Pumps Digging up of old PVC pipes Replacing of pipes,unions and fittings Leak detection Pool restoration Pool Painting Crack sealing in and out of water Repairs to pool tiles in and around the pool Fitting pool lights Installations of solar blankets and heating pumps Fitting pool weirs , drains, flexi pipe, return valves Pool marbalite and tiles Salt and Sand chlorination Installations of Pool safety nets and float systems Pool Equipment Sales Pool chemicals Pool equipment Automatic cleaners Pool pumps Fittings and accessories Sand filters Solar blankets and heating pumps Pool safety nets and float systems LED lights Pool novelties and inflatables Garden Paving Pave your garden, around the pool and just about anywhere you wish, With a choice of up to 4 shapes and over 40 colors to choose from we make it look 100 times better than any paving and 10 times cheaper! Please feel free to check out the pictures in the "Our Results Section" Garden Glow  The all hot and new service which is causing an absolute craze! Now if you have never seen what a garden, Paving stones ,tree stumps or a outside deck and table look like lit up! Please feel free to check out the pictures in the "Our Results Section"
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