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Affordable Medical Abortion|Medical Abortion also known as early termination of pregnancy involves taking a pair of pills before 28 weeks of pregnancy. The two pills are routinely prescribed in combination; the first terminates the pregnancy, while the second causes uterine contractions and expels it and now days women prefer having abortions by taking the abortion pill than undergoing a surgical abortion.Abortion Clinic In Johanneburg,Abortion Pills In Johanneburg,Private Abortion Clinic In Johanneburg,Abortion Clinic In Johanneburg,Medical Abortion Pills In Johanneburg,Medical Abortion Clinics In Johanneburg Women considering abortions need to understand the risks and options available that are in the best interest of her health, safety and welfare because no form of contraception is 100 per cent effective, and women will always need straightforward access to abortion services as a back-up if they are to plan their lives and families in the best way they see fit. Medical abortion is not the same as emergency contraception known as morning-after pill or Plan B. Emergency contraception prevents pregnancy and can work for up to five days after having unprotected sex whereas a Medical Abortion is the early termination of a pregnancy using a pill.
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